“pyrokinesis for beginners” by Mitch Cave

my body


dissolve into smoke

i remind myself

of how i am weakness

pale kings surrounding me and

fires that have collided


how i know how to turn fire

on and off with the bones of my mind

i find it hard to carry my gore along

with so much nightfall

i search the fallen leaves

hunting for what was buried for me

every year i

wait for dawn to undress itself


my skeleton reflective

inhaling a smoked sun

in comfort

or discarded

one last time

dust formations growing over the tops of carcasses

held captive by moss preceding


it is poinciana trees i decide to leave

my body for

leave behind all of the

mistakes i have made

all of the bruises i have caused

and i leave all of the skins

touched throughout the year

i remove their linger

from my body

impressions on wet sand


as fireworks explode

i stand beside what is left

of the year

the flesh that remains

but i should know

all bodies try to heal themselves

i leave it

my body

i leave

happy new year

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