“Terminal” by Talos Gidding

He teeters down the hallway, past valets, past cleaners. Snaking down the maze of lavish corridors. Of the Brunston Arms Hotel. His body is light as a ghost’s. Floating. His heart pounds, threatening to burst from his chest, or force its way up his throat. His feet barely skim across the floor. He glides over... Continue Reading →

“Zoetrope” by Mark Ward

A change in the quality of light, an eyebrow twitch, my father’s backlit body haloed in the door frame reflecting the impending - this is what getting caught means; being unable to move, wishing the world away from this, terror filling hollow limbs, shared spit absolved by emptiness, knowing that this is the end of... Continue Reading →

“Deceiver” by Chiara Engesser

Part I   Sparks bursted into the deep blue night, as the the last piece of evidence for those poisonous feelings and memories was swallowed by the flames. The pain behind the black ink seemed to fuel the fire like it knew it was dying but wanted to mangle Her one more time on its... Continue Reading →

“Holburn Station” by Bethany Garry

The flower that grew under Holburn Station where we had once laid great plans of love, grew taller in the summer months, when we drank to excess and I felt your fingers against my instep – heady and laughing, falling always towards the endless days of sunlight, when we grew in joy.   Now the... Continue Reading →

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