Issue 1 Contributors

AlexiaAlexia is a 22-year-old, Brazilian, homoromantic asexual who is hard of hearing and soon to be a bachelor in Film. She wants to open an entertainment studio in which diversity is one of the principles, as a way to bring more dignified representativeness and awareness to the entertainment industry. She also wants to work as a screenwriter.

Alicia Bryne KeaneAlicia Byrne Keane is a spoken word poet and occasional bass player from Dublin. She features regularly at poetry nights around Ireland and the UK. She performs at festivals such as Body & Soul, Castlepalooza, and Electric Picnic, and has been published in journals such as Bare Hands, No Falling Ribbons, Headstuff, and Increature.


Darren CaffreyDarren Caffrey is an artist and writer. He contributes work regularly to both critical and creative projects. He hopes that the two together can deliver sensitivity in line with changing mindsets and new experiences. He was born in Dublin.


Aimee HartAimee Hart is an undergraduate student studying Creative Writing at Birmingham City University. A newbie not yet published Hart spends most of her time creating stories depicting the lives of LGBT through
various different genres and media – such as radio, screenplays and short stories.


Khael Del SantosKhaēl Del Santos is Studio Pakōto’s art director and an avid gamer. Khaēl, known as ‘Cáh’ among his friends and collegues, is a retired swimmer who started teaching art when he couldn’t draw anymore. A born leader, he divides his life between the competitive pro videogame scene and all his dogs. Cáh uses his creative powers to create and expand the projects in the studio with his friend and former student, Anttonio.

Tadgh DolanTadgh Dolan is an English teacher and founder of Flash Poetry Nights, a monthly night of slam poetry in Howth, Co. Dublin. He writes and drinks coffee regularly.



Caoimhe DonnellyCaoimhe Donnelly is an eighteen year-old poet and spoken word performer from Dublin. She has performed at the Cúirt International Festival of Literature and various LINGO spoken word events. She avidly enjoys fairy lights and electronic music and the use of polysyndeton. Find more of her work at


Chiara Engesser

Chiara Engesser is a gay poet and photographer. She fell for both forms of art when she was thirteen and has been in love with them ever since. The only things she is even more passionate about are nature and animals.


Cúnla MorrisCúnla Morris is a non-binary queer poet from Dublin. They’ve performed at Slam Sunday, Flash Poetry Nights, Fresh, and Flying South. They are a Gaeilgeoir and write poetry in Irish and in English.


Áine O'Hara

Áine O’Hara is currently in her 4th year of a Visual Arts Practice Degree in IADT, Dun Laoghaire. Her work focuses on a use of narrative, character and audience interaction. She mainly works through the medium of performance, video and installation.


Anttonio PereiraAnttonio Pereira is the mind behind Studio Pakōto. The twenty-three year-old Gaucho artist lives on a farm on the outskirts of town and made the movie possible with his views of a better future. He is a self-taught artist who grew up to become not only a illustrator,  animator, storyboard and comic book artist, but also the owner of the studio that seeks to change the pace of art in his country and maybe even the world.

RavenRaven is a San Francisco performing word artist. His poetry has appeared in print in the U.S. and Ireland, but the soul of his work is in performance – solo, and as an MC in the improvisational jazz/hip hop band, Mixtapes From The Underground.


Kimberly SithebeKimberly Sithebe is a Swazi writer with South African roots. She lives in Swaziland but has travelled to and fallen in love with Dublin. She dreams about fantasy fiction of colour. She has published poetry on the Artistic Muse.


Abeeha TariqAbeeha Tariq is an over-thinker, over-sharer and over-tweeter with degrees in English Literature and Business and Management. Wanting to lead a simple life full of glitter, art and literature, you’ll usually find her scribbling in notebooks, glued to her phone or reading a book – possibly all at once, because she’s a chronic multi-tasker too.



JW is a sometimes designer, sometimes drawer and always awkward.


Patricia WalshPatricia Walsh was born and raised in the parish of Mourneabbey, Co Cork, Ireland, and was educated in University College Cork, graduating with an MA in Archaeology in 2000. Previously she has published one collection of poetry, titled Continuity Errors, with Lapwing Publications in 2010, and has since been published in a variety of print and online journals.

Mark WardMark Ward is a poet from Dublin, Ireland. He was the 2015 Poet Laureate for Glitterwolf and his work has appeared in Assaracus, Tincture, The Good Men Project, HIV Here + Now, Studies in Arts and Humanities, Off the Rocks, The Wild Ones, Emerge and the anthologies, Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed, The Myriad Carnival and Not Just Another Pretty Face. He has recently completed his first chapbook, How to Live When Life Subtracts. He is a regular on Dublin’s spoken word scene and was a featured act in the 2016 Lingo Festival.



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