“Dwelling” by Cúnla Morris

I was told that the only home I could ever have was a never-ending you. And sure, sometimes it was nice - when warm light leaked on us as we lazed about for hours, But times became sour, and all we did was ignore ourselves. Everything was never enough. And I stayed in this rhythm,... Continue Reading →

“Home” by Tagdh Dolan

Home is a difficult Word to find Through lightning and thunder A careless find It comes in soft whispers On cold winter nights Through lovers’ eyes And twinkling skylight I thought home Was with you Until you took flight Now it’s sweet nothing A blackened skylight My home is in moments When anarchy stands still... Continue Reading →

“Exemplar” by Mark Ward

Nothing has been touched for authenticity. The dirt, their lives scattered across this makeshift romance; beds easily pushed apart, bodies indent just like hearts living for incognito weekends away from friends, parents, a life of false starts, pretence. They notice only sanctuary, a door shutting out the world erasing borders, boundaries. This is their chance,... Continue Reading →

“Fifty Years” by Raven

There are no white lines on the road; the divisions are invisible. Out of the window I play at catching the wind in my palm and feel it pull through my fingers the way Burma shave slogans along the highway -- Equality. Solidarity. Heroism. Altruism. Unity. Struggle -- become the wind felt in passing and... Continue Reading →

“Island Home” by Patricia Walsh

Living in a world of our own Excited to belong on a long walk south You and I versus the world together Priceless uniform unity spreads wings Travelling on spec to rebellious territory. A multicoloured burnt offering rises above The slack-assed happiness of a satisfied homestead Voicing travel brochures to whoever’ll listen Attenuating our names... Continue Reading →

“The Last Tingling” by Alexia

Red eyes. Small tears rolling across the face, small whispers. Whispering so subtle you could mistake it for wind. So subtle you could mistake it for the leaves ruffling on their branches. Stars blazing in the sky. The grass is recently cut, leaving the almost bittersweet smell in the air, and prickling feelings on the... Continue Reading →

the most important part of the ritual of instagram selfie taking is cleaning the dust off the bedroom mirror. it has gotten clouded with a thin film of dirt since its last use like it always does. grab a discarded towel and rub the glass, to make sure it shines bright and clear like the... Continue Reading →

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